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 Future Company for general services in Ukraine
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Future company supervised by a group of residents and Arab academics in Ukraine, we do not deny, we seek the financial benefits, but at the same time we strive to perform our mission to the fullest satisfaction. Future company is dedicated over the years since 1993 to offer what is new and always learning from past mistakes.

Future Company headquarters is located in the city of Cherkassy (200 km from the capital), and where the company's headquarters in the city of Cherkassy we has taught that all students of the company's first preparatory year better to study in this city, where the presence of the company and its employees and in fact no matter where to study the first year It is just the preparatory year.

And this first preparatory year the student will be under the control and follow-up to from the company directly to overcome all obstacles and problems and give the student the experience that qualifies his Self-reliance in the subsequent years, and many of its employees working in the same University and student accommodation which will facilitate a lot on our students.
Other services provided:
 - Send the original invitation to the student;
- Meet the student at the airport by the Company’s Car and not use bus or train to allow to the student to not be subjected to more fatigue ;
- Once the student arrives proceedings have commenced enrollment, registration, housing Placement in the hostel;
- Follow-up to the student almost daily about school and general affairs, throughout the year; - Once the student completes the preparatory year we help students attend university, which wants to study.

 In addition a lot of services dictated to us by our professional and moral duty.
Press here to contact us.

With best wishes for success

Director General Dr. Mohamed Amr
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